Dan and Ian both charge £45 for an initial consultation. £38 follow up appointments.


Henry charges £35 per hour for any massage.


Acupuncture with Nick Lintott is £45.00 for an initial consultation  plus a acupuncture session  which is 90 minutes ,Follow ups are £35.00 for 60 mins.

Acupuncture with Dr Xin Lu is priced at £30.00 for a consultation, £38.00 for a acupuncture session, so a first visit would be £68.00 and last up to 90 mins, follow up appointments are £38.00 for up to 45mins


Counselling/Psychotherapy with Leanne Culson is charged at £50.00 per hour.

Counselling with Daniel Culson is charged at £50.00 per hour.


Naturopathy with Ian is £45.00 plus cost of any supplements.


Herbalism with Serene Foster is £60 for an initial consultation which lasts 60 mins. Follow ups are then charged at £40.00 which last 30 mins, plus medicine charges of £12-£18 per week plus VAT.


Mandy Hooley Hypnotherapy, prices are given after phone consultation which is free.