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Bach Flower Remedies
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Bach Flower Remedies

Taken as drops on the tongue or in drinks, 4 times a day, Bach Remedies are as individual as you are.  There are 38 individual natural Remedies, each of which addresses a particular life imbalance or difficulty you might be experiencing (such as Larch for low confidence, feelings of unworthiness and inferiority).  And there are over 1 million combinations allowing your practitioner to specifically tailor your treatment bottle to your unique circumstances.

The Remedies stimulate self-healing ensuring that solutions come from within you instead of being imposed upon you.  They reflect the inner you and respect, encourage & nurture your essential being with integrity.  Beneficial changes happen naturally and effortlessly which is often necessary when we feel completely overburdened already.

Josephine provides combined Bach Flower Remedies and life-coaching within one session:  the Remedies to heal your hurts and the coaching to assist your move forward into a more rewarding life.  Individual and couples sessions.


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